10 November 2008

Transformation or Status Quo?

Question: Will President-elect Obama successfully unite the country? Or will divisiveness and blue state/red state politics as usual continue to tear us apart at the seams?

It's easy to be cynical and expect the worst in people. But for me, this election signified such a sea-change of historical significance that I truly am allowing myself to hope, for once, that we rise above the differences that divide us and pull together, collectively, for the greater good. Obama clearly is a transformational figure and the country is at such a low point, I actually believe that this is the best opportunity in my lifetime for real change. So, I'm optimistic (albeit cautiously). You?


carissa said...

Here here!

I admit that despite my unending support of Obama and his promises of a new America...an America about Americans...I am still a bit skeptical.

I still wonder HOW this change will happen. Won't the stuffy old men who are still sitting in their dusty chairs feel inclined to stomp their polished government feet upon the new proposals? Will this change truly unite America or will it tear us apart at the evangelical seams?

Nevertheless, I feel honored to be a part of the generation who saw through stereotypes and prejudice to recognize a true leader, someone who inspires the masses, someone intelligent and driven and most importantly, someone who isn't focused on his own ego, but rather the mindset of America...the mindset of the people.

alissaNC said...

In my opinion it will take many Obama’s to successfully unite the country, but I am 100% positive that this is the beginning of real change. We have a long way to go before we shed the blue state/red state, liberal/conservative, rich/poor division and it’ll come slow. We’ve elected the best candidate, not because he’s bi-racial and is in himself a representation of change, but because he was by far the best candidate. Now we have to hope that all the stuffy old dudes realize that change is in and jump on this bandwagon! I,too, am honored to have been a part of this election.

redcorvette said...

I too feel honored to have witnessed history and seen someone inspire so many. I think it is amazing to see the amount of voter turnout out and the fact that people seemed to really care and feel their vote was making a difference. I hope he can continue to ignite the excitement and change for this country. Like Alissa said, it's going to take many Obama's.

However, that being said, I think he has one of the biggest challenges ahead in uniting this country. He doesn't appear to have the same amount of experience, but the fact that he has the charisma, ambition, and support....he has the opportunity to make great strides for this nation.

Ashley Sue said...

I myself am afraid. I believe... therefore I fear.

You tapped into it with your more recent post on Lutherans and Cheese Heads, in that if "we" fail, "they" will be right and say "told you so". How frustrating would that be, and not because THEY were right, but because they WERE RIGHT.

Sigh... so I quit my job and moved away from any stability I knew. That's they only thing to do when you're on the brink of living in fear, right? Take a leap into something different.

And our country is leaping too... or so I hope. :)